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This is far from a new phenomenon. Hundreds of years ago there were holier-than-thou people standing in the village square, wringing their hands, ringing their bells and talking about how urgent a problem was. They did little more than wring their hands, more>

New CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council White Paper Explores Power of Psychographics

Credit union marketers - How much do you really know about your potential customers and what matters most to them? more>

Driving in the Social Media Fast Lane

When she discusses social media and technology trends, Amber MacArthur, president of Konnekt Digital Engagement, quotes race car driver Mario Andretti: “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” more>

Are You an Enlightened Marketer or a Neanderthal?

Are you marketing with an enlightened perspective? Is your company operating both in a culturally- and individually-relevant way with the segments you serve? more>

Use Big Data to Create 360-Degree View of Consumer

Data analytics can be helpful in a number of ways -identifying the profitability of customer segments, isolating consumer behavior trends, developing targeted marketing efforts, determining cross-sell opportunities and more. more>

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